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floral fever

30 Aug

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair of floral pants but always chickened out.  But that’s when best friends come in handy… mine literally FORCED me to buy a pair I tried on and I’m so glad she did- it’s a great addition to my casual Friday attire 🙂  I got them at a cute boutique in my town- that apparently has a website!


I paired them with a lace top and my handy dandy pair of cream flats (Target.)


blazer babe

25 Aug


You know what one piece of clothing that just makes you feel awesome and you can’t pinpoint why?  Thats my GUESS off-white blazer that was a steal at their outlet 🙂

And the tank top from an Annie Sez outlet as well.. it’s a beautiful thing 🙂

And this gorgeous necklace was recently on sale at Macy’s.  I’ve been trying to budget myself (aka not pick up new pieces) but I couldn’t stop thinking about this one!

perfect family gathering

22 Aug

High-low skirt + drop shoulder tee (mines by MOMENT Knitwear)= sophistication & style

I paired it with some booties and a chunky necklace:

photo 2

Happy 28th Birthday Michael!

19 Aug

For my brother-in-laws birthday we spend the day BBQing and swimming.  Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been to an off the boat Italian families BQQ- but these people go HARD. It’s all about food, family, wine, and fun!

For starters we had the BEST homemade olive focaccia is aunt from Brooklyn is famous for.  We had guacamole  bruschetta, fresh mozzarella, and an arugula salad.

The menu consisted of ribs, steak, chorizo sandwiches, and an assortment of grilled veggies.

And soo much more but the important part of the meal-



I’m normally totally happy with something rich and chocolaty but this pear and ricotta was mention worthy.  My sister picked it up at a place in Wayne (NJ.)

Now, for what you’ve been waiting for…

photo 5

Hiiii boyfran!

Ok, so I know I know I know, this outfit is just too cute.  And the top,skirt, and belt is all one!  Rachael & Chloe makes it in this blue or cream. I really wanted the cream…but an almost white skirt at a BBQ? Let’s be serious.


The necklace is Betsy Johnson and the flip floppies are an old pair of Steve Madden I’ve had forever.

carnival night

11 Aug

What you need for this casual, somewhat eccentric, outfit that looks like you tried harder than you did:


 -leather jacket

-crochet tank,

-a scarf (mines a pink soft leopard print actually)

-pair of form fitting bootleg jeans(everyones got a favorite)

– moccasins- (mine are Viola! )

It’s that easy 🙂


My monkey won me a monkey 🙂

lady in white

9 Aug

photo 1I love this peplum top I surprisingly found at Aeropostale! It looks layered- but its one.

And there’s a small peek-a-boo on your upper back!

photo 2

Bracelet: Multi Row White Nappa Leather (aka leather charm bracelet)

Necklace: Betsy Johnson

Sunglasses: DG Oval White Sunglasses

I’m still working on the sock bun!!!!!!!!!! I can’t get it higher! Any tips?