Ipsy- Classic Beauty 9/2013

17 Sep

After much much much subscription bag research- I decided Ipsy was the best bang for my buck and after waiting 2 cycles to be unwaitlisted I was NOT disappointed!

Ipsy is a monthly superscription bag in which they send you 4-5  deluxe sample or full sized products based on your personal profile and style quiz results.  You are charged $10 for each bag.

Here is what I got 🙂

Deluxe sample of Elizabeth MottIt’s So Big Volumizing Mascara which I, unfortunately, have not opened yet.  I want to use my old mascara up before I open this just for it to dry out.  I am, however, extremely excited! Twenty-four years old and I still have not found the perfect mascara. (Value $8 ; Full Size: $20)

NYX Single Eye Shadow in golden poppy.  I was a bit worried I would receive a crazy color, I happen to have no life and be extremely active in the Ipsy community and according to the reviews there was an unpopular blue color floating around as well as both a white and a black that  I had mixed feelings about.  I wouldn’t of been devastated if I received an undesirable color because it would of been a great opportunity to experiment, but no need since I got this pretty brown color.  I haven’t used it yet because I have a giant eye shadow pallet I use daily so I threw this into my traveling bag.  The color is a bit more shimmery than I usually wear but I don’t think I’ll mind.  Ignoring the color complaints, people seemed pleased with the texture, application, and staying power.  ($4.50 value)

Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil– an essential product, so I can’t complain. The application was easy and smooth. The staying power is alright. (Value $12)

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil I’ve never used a highlighter before but youtube tutorials are a wonderful thing.  I feel a little flushed out when applying, but the end result is awesome.  Will definitely add highlighters to my beauty routine. (Value $18)

POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Rose Romance– The shade I got was extremely unpopular in the Ipsy community so I didn’t even bother opening it.  My lips are pretty pink naturally and I’m an eccentric lipstick kinda gal so I really didn’t think this barely there color would be worth it for me. I threw it into my jnk drawer that’s bound to be filled with stocking suffers by Christmas.  The general consensus, regardless of color, seemed to be the formula was a bit cheap and drying. (Value $4)

There were quite a few other products I did not receive, as the stylists pick what you get specifically from a quiz you fill out. Every month it comes in a different makeup bag (as if my collection isn’t big enough.)

I would definitely recommend this to anybody.  For $10 a month (this bag’s value came out to $46.50) you can’t beat the product size- from essentials to experiments.  I got 4 out of 5 FULL SIZE products this month!  There are people that complain about how long the shipping takes or the brand/color of the products they are getting but they really need to RELAX… this is an amazing value, how can one complain?! DHL (the shipping service) did drive me crazy too.. but as long as the price stays low and I get my bag eventually who am I to leave negative feedback?


And if you are interested in signing up for your own- pretty please use my referral code:

http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-hjbmg2jlwapck6q 🙂 🙂 🙂


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