Peckish Review

2 Oct

Peckish promises to send you 3 healthy snacks monthly or biweekely, depending on your preference, for $15 a box.

photo 1

You can’t specifically choose what you want in your first box but you can choose from 4 dietary preferences- I went for “protein” because I love nuts!!! The whole point of me signing up for Peckish was me specifically looking for trail-mix sort snacks. But my search was futile.

At first glance I have to say this definitely did look great and I was excited


There was a card that explained the nutrition facts for each, but as usual I disregarded it and dug in… when I say dug in I mean into box of course, the honest truth is I haven’t actually tried any of these yet. I don’t really have any desire. Call me judgmental.

photo 3

This one looks the most appealing. I don’t normally like dried fruit OR pineapple but I can totally see a normal person liking this.  I am under the strong assumption my sister does & we both adore dark chocolate.  I’m going to re-gift this to her- I know she will get excited!  The almond is a great touch… hopefully it tastes as good as it sounds.

photo 4

Ummm… corn and sweet peas?! What?! This would of been my LAST choice out of everything on their website but I cant think of anybody else who would like it so I think I’m just going to eat it anyway.  I’m really not that picky and I’m sure it’s fine… it just doesn’t scream delicious looking or sounding at me.

photo 5

Halleluiah some kind of nut! I like pistachios, edamame, and broccoli.. so I don’t see why I wouldnt like this. I’m starting to realize I’m just not a snacker because I’d be more excited about the fresh version of these items.

All in all I will be discontinuing this box because it’s simply not exactly what I was looking for- although in future boxes you do get to customize what snacks you want exactly. Try it out– no code is needed to get $5 off your first box (making it $10) and let me know your experience!


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