Someone call a WAHHHHbulance :'(

7 Oct

I’ve been DYING to try POPSugar’s must have box- but honestly, it was way more need than want.  Like I NEED makeup, I NEED snacks, I don’t NEED DIY books and even coasters..but boy do I want them!!! And at such a great value maybe I’ll find a Christmas present.

I’ve been thus far waiting for a real good promo code, I just found one for $5 off-combined with the news that POPSugar will be raising their price next month- that’s all the news I needed to hear. I subscribed to lock in the current price!

Apparently I’m on the wait list- the October box is sold out- but the price increase won’t hit me until December.  Order yours while you can!!! The promo code is REFER5. HURRY! Get your box here. I can’t wait to compare with you! 🙂

The good news is you cans till get LoveWithFood for just $2 with the promo code FBFOOD… and, as always, they donate a meal for every box shipped.
Love With Food - Discover Great Food for a Great Cause


Disclaimer: This post may contain referral links 😛


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