Can we talk about last night’s Walking Dead season 4 premiere?

14 Oct

It seems like a lot of people didn’t enjoy it, some because of the time lapse..which I personally am fine with.  I a sure if we missed anything major we will get filled in.  But mostly because of all the new characters they brought in basically to die.

I think they had a purpose though.  Crazy woods girl hit close to home for Rick AND no doubt will reappear later on to do some damage.  Carl called it. Whatshisface shed a new light on Beth (I hear her role is going to get much larger) and Patrick is obviously introducing the group to some new danger, and I’m not talking that he’s now a walker (hopefully everyone locks their cells) but what did he catch?  Does it have to do with Daryl (quite a few rumors)?  The pig? The bloody eyed zombie Rick keeps noticing at the gate? And umm.. he totally coughed all up in that water supply.  One theory is someone from the inside- possibly the bald black guy- is causing some damage.  And something about the rats? I must of missed that part. It could be the food supply since crops are growing on buried walkers, but it seems so far the virus really doesn’t spread like that.  Personally, I’m thinking it’s mother nature stirring the pot… it’s easy to forget even in an apocalypse their are still germs.

The governor is MIA but I doubt he’s not plotting his next move.  Did you know he was originally signed only for season 3?  They must have a plan for him!  I can’t wait to see what happens with Martinez, if anything. I mean I know he’s no stranger to killing innocent people but did you see how shaken up he was when the governor snapped?  I don’t blame him… I suppose completely going off your rocker and shooting your own people is even too much for him. Him and the other one could run, i’m sure they could handle themselves and the governor has better things to do than chase them, but I’m sure if he doesn’t turn on him he will inevitably die at his hand.. helllooo have we learned nothing from Andrea? Oh wait, Martinez didn’t even know he had found her…

I don’t trust this community thing, especially because a lot of them have never really been around the walkers.  In this show, other humans are really the enemy.. and without it possible for such a tight knit group… who knows whats coming?  As I mentioned before, someone inside may be shaking things up?

I really want to get my hand on the comics.  I read the entire Wikipedia entry and it’s TOTALLY different.  I couldn’t even tell what season I was reading.  Back to the food being infected- in the comics dale was bitten by a walker and eaten by cannibals and they were fine, although he WAS cooked.  But considering the writers have completely taken the plot into their own hands who knows if that matters.

We will find out int he very next episode- they titled it “infected!” I hear things are going to get crazy real fast! I’m on the edge of my seat here!!!  What do you think?


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