Palm BBQ Grill, Englewood

18 Oct


I would not recommend this place. I read bad reviews, but Joe and I are on a Mediterranean kick so we figured what the heck, its close to home and on a main street.  We even did a drive by, looked normal.

So I didn’t have high hopes for this place, but Joe was excited. We walked in and chose our own seats. A young, friendly man, that later events would lead me to assume is the owner, brought us menus.  I regretted almost instantaneously not asking for a drink, it took ten minutes for him to come back, but I don’t think he was really there to wait tables.

The waitress was by herself, but the place is small and she only had 3 or 4 parties.  The man must of sensed my displeasure because he finally took our orders.  We ordered soft drinks and an appetizer, Chorizo, which was a spicy sausage.  The soda’s came in a can, no cup, and the sausage was pretty decent.

As an entree Joe had ordered palm mixed grill (shawarma..[chicken or beef, he chose chicken], kofia kebab, chicken kebab, beef kebab) and the waiter claimed it didn’t come with rice as noted in the menu.  Whatever. I ordered lamb & beef shawarma.  We didn’t actually understand what we were ordering, but we seek adventure on our date nights. You are able to choose two sides.  Joe chose grilled vegetables and fries, whereas I chose a salad and grilled vegetables as well.

Eventually, the designated waitress asked us if we were being helped.  She was cute, polite, and friendly, but once a waitress myself I can honestly say she needs to learn to HUSTLE.

The food came shortly after.  She announced “beef shawarma” as she placed the large plate in front of me.  “I asked for beef and lamb” I informed her.  After a confused glare at my plate she went to discuss it with the young man.  Moments later, she came back and claimed it was beef and lamb. They must think I am an idiot.  It didn’t look like lamb, it didn’t taste like lamb, even she didn’t think it was lamb.  But I’m not one to cause a scene.

The food was mediocre at best.  And the waitress must of asked us 6 times how we were doing, which was 5 times too many.  Where was this dedication when we first arrived?  The owner did offer me a new plate, seeing as I barely touched mine, but I politely declines. What I should of did was ask for lamb.

And here is the real woozy.  It literally took us twenty minutes to get our change back after we paid the check.  Remember, I said there was 4 tables tops.  We watched her and I still don’t understand what took so long.  It was on the brink of raining and we had parked so far that after a few minutes it was a relief to  catch her eye and have a look of remembrance sweep across her face.  She held up her finger and motioned that it would only be a minute longer.  But then what did she do?  CLEANED TABLES. This girl needs to learn to prioritize.

And it case you were wondering, we did catch the rain.


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