Sizziling Sunday ;)

20 Oct

Our first night in Cancun (which is our first big drink) is also going to be our anniversary. And since it’s all-inclusive, I assume I’m going to be feeling pretty confident.



WARNING** adult content**********************


So I researched adult subscription boxes and discovered The Fantasy Box– which not only comes with props- but comes with “directions.”

“Every month, you will receive a different fantasy, instructions for how to play it out and all the goodies needed to turn fantasy into reality. Some fantasies are dark and sexy, some light and playful. Some are sensual, some are rowdy. They can take place in various rooms in your home or in the outside world. Whatever the fantasy, we guarantee your date night will be unforgettable.”

They offer 3 different sizes- Essentials for $34 a month, regular for $59 a month, and platinum for $139 a month.  You also have the option to subscribe bi-monthly.

I chose essentials.


First off, I hated the packaging.  I wanted to sneak this into my luggage and surprise him when we get there but the box just fell apart.  I believe the bigger sizes come in nice snug cardboard.


You are suppose to fill out the for him and for her cards before dinner that way you have something to talk about.  It’s just a way to learn about eachother o a different level.

It doesn’t matter who is the leader and who is the follower.  Personally, I’m nervous to be either, but thank god for those margaritas.


First, a bullet vibrator.  Ovo W1 $15 to be exact. Packed as if it were an iPhone. It claims to be waterproof and have a powerful but very quiet motor.  I haven’t successfully been able to turn this on seeing as I didn’t understand the concept of removing the red disk from the battery in order for it to start working.  In the process of trying to figure out what I was doing I lost the battery all together and must purchase a new one.  Don’t make the same mistake as me..


Rene Rofe Lingerie Set $18. A lot of reviewers like dhow “classy” this is.  I don’t want classy in the bedroom.  I’m young and trying to show off my body.  I want lace. I want sheer.  I mean goodness, he sees me sleep in less clothes than this!  But the push-up is a nice touch and the quality for the price is awesome.


Last but not least, a sample of Liquid Organics Lubricating Gel and a black silky blindfold.

The possibilities are endless.

The value of the box wasn’t much over what I paid but it’s worth the concept!  Try your fantasy box ASAP with promo code RAMBLE20 to save 20% on ANY box.





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