Lip Factory, Inc October 2013

26 Oct


For $22 per month, each month, you will receive your Lip Factory Beauty Kit containing 5 to 7 of your favorite makeup brands. Although your kit may include a full face of makeup products, our focus is on your lips! Your kit may include lip products such as lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners and lip therapy products. Our products are chosen each month by our expert team of beauty specialists and makeup artists.

Each month your beauty kit, filled with well known and new brands, may also contain a surprise beauty bonus.

This is my first Lip Factory box, and since I ordered so late in the month I basically already knew what I was getting with the exception of some color variation. I have to say, I’m so loyal to Ipsy because of how inexpensive it is, but this is really a bang for your buck. Well worth the price.


This box’s theme was “Welcome to the Fall.” Love it all ready.  And the shipping packaging is super snug and safe.



29 Cosmetics Dew Grape Seed Age Protecting Lip Gloss (Pink Champagne) ($24)


I’m not a big lipgloss wearer, but the fact that this one had all sorts of calming ingredients interested me… my lips are always in need hydration. The color is exactly as it sounds- a nude, shimmering pink.  It doesn’t seem to be long wear, but I don’t think glosses usually are, and the smell is amazing! Kind of reminds me of cupcakes.. I’m not sure why though….I think it’s linked to some childhood memory I can’t put my finger on.



Michael Marcus Lip Gloss (Romance) ($22)

Now, because this promises to have long wear and strong pigment, it might be more up my alley… however, I already have a lipgloss just like it so I’m hesitant to break this seal.  Lip Factory’s next box promises to be all lip stuff- so this might best be saved as a gift.


Alcone Make-Off Remover Cloths ($0.50)

Oh goodie!  I am crashing at a Halloween party Saturday so this might come in handy if I’m too drunk or sleepy to scrub my face properly. I haven’t even opened it yet and it’s already my favorite makeup wipe. I sense it.



Befine Warming Clay Mask Packette ($0.40)

Ahh! I never buy my own face masks so I can’t wait to pamper myself with this one.  I’ll be on a week long business trip in D.C. with a whole bathtub to myself and tons of time to waste 🙂


Palladio Beauty Baked Blush (Berry) ($7)


I love this blush!  I was a little bleh at first because it’s oddly small, but the color was very distinct on my brush and I just love it! I hope I start getting some new brushes in my boxes soon.  I also love that this is affordable because I think I’m ready to commit.


This is a pretty color, the exact shade of brown I would of picked for myself.. and I desperately need a new liquid liner… but the concept scares the bejusus out of me.  wet the brush first?!?  It could definitely have it’s pros- what with long wear and all, but the idea just doesn’t suit my lazy girl lifestyle.  I might keep it as a shadow.


J.Cat Roll It Up Automatic Lip Liner (RAL109) ($2.49)

This was a bonus item.  I have never bought a lip liner on my own so I don’t mind receiving them from time to time to switch it up.


I’ve totaled up a value of $73.40 for this box! Interested in subscribing to Lip Factory? How can you not be?!  Please use my referral code- 385368- This broke blogger appreciates it already :)!

1In my new Dew gloss 🙂


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