Joseph Ambler Inn

28 Oct

Joe and I like random weekend getaways.  This one, In North Wales PA, was a pretty traumatic experience.

Joseph Ambler Inn Bed & Breakfast.

Not an authentic B&B, more like a resort.  Very pretty grounds, but on the small side.


I have left this inn beyond unhappy, and I am not one to normally complain. This inn lost my reservation, so at my inconvenience I had to move days. I was upgraded rooms- in which I assumed the difference would be comped- it wasn’t  I mean it was two days before, you had this vacant room, I don’t see why it wasn’t   All I got (after putting up quite a stink) was a lousy drink voucher in which the waitress gave me a hard time about.

My room, a King Suite, was smaller than expected but pretty and full of potential.  I was disappointed  The dresser was so old the drawers barely opened and closed.  The table was stained with wine. The the door lock didn’t work nor did the Jacuzzi jets (glad I paid for an upgrade). Brian, whoever was in charge at the moment, told me to take it up with the manager who would be in at 8 am. He blatantly lied seeing as the manager wouldn’t be in for another two days. The font desk refused to call the manager or the owner and were perfectly OK with me leaving upset. It’s a Friday night/Saturday morning and there is nobody to deal with issues? The front desk said a superior- aka Brian- would be in at 4. Brian is a superior?!?!  Then why was he so useless? And why would I still be there  5 hours after checkout? I have never dealt with such poor customer service!

As for my dinner- the dining hall had a nice ambiance, but the food  was mediocre at best.  Not worth the large price tag.

Breakfast was a standard continental.  French toast was good, coffee was terrible.  Unlike upscale buffets, the tray would empty long before replaced. Happened to me twice the 5 minutes I was filling my plate.

My complaints thus far have gotten me nowhere, but honestly, even if they did the normal thing and gave me a gift certificate or something- I wouldn’t go back.  I don’t know why their are any good reviews.


This is my updated review- I e-mailed the manager, seeing as they wouldn’t allow me to call him or call him themselves, and I told him about my unhappy stay.  About how they lost my reservation (I had multiple emails dated back a month proving so) and yet I was forced to pay for the only available upgraded room (which, at my inconvenience  was that Friday not Saturday).  About how the door wouldn’t lock and the Jacuzzi jets wouldn’t work.  It was a $25 fee, clearly after these issues, it should be waived.  This is the email I received back (four days later)

“I hope today is going well. This email is in regards to notes my front desk team presented to me upon my return after an extended weekend regarding your unpleasant stay.

Clearly you did not enjoy your stay and we the Joseph Ambler Inn are truly sorry for this unfortunate circumstance. After speaking with the General Manager and Proprietor of the Joseph Ambler Inn, we all feel that our property is not your fit.

On behalf of us all; we are justly sorry you did not enjoy our Historic Inn that we love so much.”

Oh… is that all I get?
My fit? Asshole.  That’s why you are $99 on Groupon.

After receiving this email, my card was charged. $37, not even $25.  It’s not that much money, I know, but this is principle.  How desperate can these people be that they won’t just waive this?  I’ve never heard of such a thing.


One Response to “Joseph Ambler Inn”

  1. ktonu October 28, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    I literally cannot believe that e-mail after your experience? Not a fit? WTF is that? I hope you are leaving them bad reviews everywhere.

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