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FitFabFun Fall 2013 Box & Promo

30 Nov

Better late than never?!


FabFitFun is a seasonal box curated by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun Team. It comes with$120+ in Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, and Wellness Finds- full size premium products- for only $49.99 per season.

Use code WINTER5 to save $5 off your winter box.


The wrapping was OK. I wish they had a better way of wrapping the smaller products because they could easily get lost among the larger ones.


Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Naturals Popcorn (~$2) I cannot begin to tell you how excited my brother-in-law was to discover we have “real” popcorn in the house.  What are my sister and I thinking- hoarding health food products when we have a skinny Italian man living with us?


Heath Warrior Chia Bar  ($1.56)  Not a chai fan, but I’ll pass it along.


Barre3 Standing Slim Workout DVD (& online program) ($19.95) Why not? You never know when the motivation will hit!


Starlooks 5 Shade Shadow Palette ($41) For a brand I normally assume is affordable, this is quite the gift.  However, this is my new travel companion!  I love soft shades- perfect pair for the crazy eyeliners I’ve been getting.


Mini Game Packs (~$1) I’ve never been a big gamer but why not bring this to the next family event or out to dinner wit my boyfriend.


Gorjana Canary Scarf ($57) and a Gorjana Canary Gift Card ($25)


Surface Trinity Protein Cream ($24) Love the hair conditioning products- every box should keep them coming!


SpaRitual Lacquer  ($12): I have a purple just like it- but with more metallic.  I don’t need another one though so I’m gifting this.


Drinkwel Capsules ($2.95): I will try anything to prevent/cure my hangovers! This getting old thing sucks!

I am in LOVE with this scarf but I wouldn’t of paid $57 for any scarf… so I will probably not be using the gift card, which is not valid on sale items.


Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Wash ($28) Great product! Light as air, but must be getting the job done because I am pretty acne prone and this has been good to me!  I can’t tell if it’s moisturizing or my skin just isn’t as dry because it’s it specifically meant for acne like the products I usually use.

This box also came with stickers and a little information packet on breast cancer awareness.

FabFitFun is my favorite box so far, with all this variety and a value of $213 how could it not be?!?!



ibbeautiful review

30 Nov

I have searched high and low for a subscription appropriate for my “young” 13 year old cousin and I have finally found it!

ibbeautiful is a monthly subscription available in “tween” or “teen.”  I ordered a one time box as a Christmas gift- the one time fee is $20 but if you subscribe it’s 18 a month.  $10 more if you want them to include a t-shirt.


I have been getting really into scarves so maybe this is a sign that I can make her a mini me.


Ottilie & Lulu Body Glow Lotion trial size $3.50

A brand specifically for young girls is a cue idea.. it will help the transition into caring about things like lotion!  Image

Without opening this, I am going to guess it’s a bracelet.  I don’t know if she has any interest i owls- but I love them!  I think she will like this.


Seeds of Happiness ($4)

I guess these little balls of clay are like the children’s version f us getting that key necklace in the next FabFitFun.


e.l.f. shimme with brush ($2)

Not going to lie- I was a little concerned.  She is tom boyish with strict parents- what is she gonna do with makeup?  But I’m glad it’s nothing serious, just a shimmer, and from an affordable brand in case she decided to experiment.

This is a great box for young women, it’s filled with positivity, fun, and natural beauty.  I know I would of loved something like this growing up!  I have no idea what the prices of some items are but I’m going to assume the value isn’t anything crazy- but it’s worth the variety and introduction of products.  It’s a box of fun!

a few deals i’ve been loving today

26 Nov

Hello world!  I have been soo busy!!!  I did get my November lip factory, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

I’ve also started an awesome book called “Somewhere Inside” and it’s about American Journalist Laura Lang’s captivity in North Korea (which happened in 2009 as you right remember) and it’s amazing.  I can’t put it down.

I also decided I NEED the serving dish to complete my Shoprite pasta bowl set but I am too nervous to face the Thanksgiving crowd.  One good thing came out of me being unable to find it, I discovered Google image has a camera icon next to it’s search bar.  You can search pictures?!?! Web 3.0 style… mind blown.

Anyway- here is an update on some beauty promos:

Smashbox– 20% off and free shipping this week only on orders 50+ with promo HOLIDAY50

E.L.F.- the promo STUDIO50 not only gives you 50% off orders 30+ but also gives you a 12 piece brush set. Free shipping on $35+. Deal ends midnight? I am beyond mad about that purchase I made a few weeks back- these deals just keep getting better and better. I’m in love with my new face set spray mist stuff.

Sole Society is offering 8 days of deals!  Today’s deal, which ends 11/27 8am PST, is 50% off all necklaces and they are gorgeous!

Adore Me is offering “the gift of lift” witch means your first set is only $25 with promo COLORME. Shipping is always free and this sale ends tomorrow

Charlotte Russe– $20 Tuesday. $20 shoes, boots, and sweaters! and $5 accessories! In store and online.

Living Social– 75% off designer handbags got in some new sweaters

LoveCulture– 20% off all leggings, two days only

I can;t really keep up with Black Friday deals but these are my favorite shopping sites.  Enjoy!

Staple Fish Taco

26 Nov


This is honestly the greatest fish taco ever.  Fairly healthy (ok so they are fried) and not a bit dry or bland which I personally feel like fish tacos often are.

I’m happy to say this recipe was created all on my own after much experimentation in which I combined recipes I’ve tested.


1 lb. Tilapia (cut into strips)

1/2 cup Mcormick Southern Fish Fry

canola oil, for frying

1/2 Milk

2 tsp. Old Bay (standard is poultry & fish.. you can also use garlic and herb)

Dip the filets in milk and shake off excess.  Coat with the fry mix. Fry a few pieces at a time, 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown- turning once. Drain on paper towels and sprinkle with Old Bay.

The Sauce:

6 oz of Sour Cream ( or Plain Greek Yogurt)

2 avocados, peeled and and smooshed

Juice of a lime

1 Tsp. Chili Powder

1 Tsp. Cumin

1/2 Tsp Salt

Stir and adjust to taste .

Toss fresh shredded cabbage with canola oil.

Serve everything together with your favorite tortillas

Glossy Box November 2013 “Modern Romance”

23 Nov


GlossyBox is a monthly bespoke box of 5-6 luxury-sized cosmetic and wellness samples hand-picked by their beauty experts and mailed directly to your door.  The month to month box is $21 but you can save as much as $2.67 a box by making a longer commitment.


As always, the packaging is adorable.  I can never bear to throw away the box and ribbons which is going to come in handy when Christmas wrapping. But I’m on the fence bout Glossy in general.  I love that I get skin products as well as makeup, but this is my second box (3rd if you count a limited edition) and I haven’t found anything I LOVED yet.  I do ENJOY everything but my guilt is eating me alive.  I have to start narrowing down my monthly list to what proves most useful.

Anyway, my pictures came out pretty crappy- hope you can forgive me.  This month is “Modern Romance”


Nicka K Professional Eyeshadow brush Full Size $5

I guess I really can’t complain about getting brushes.  They are necessity.  I did make my mom a bag of makeup or Christmas, using one of the Ipsy bags and filling it with one product each of every makeup product one would need.  It’s time to start adding brushes.


Emite Micronized Eye Shadow (Damson Black) Full Size $27

Personally, I have no idea how to apply black shadow.  But I know there is a way and this is a great opportunity to figure that way out.


Vincent Longo Duo Eye Pencil in Lime Forest Full Size $26

At first glance I thought the “Forest” was a gray.  It’s not.  It’s a dark green.  I’m ridiculous.  The other side- lime- scared me a bit.  But after I thought about it I realized that these complimentary colors, along with my Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Amethyst I got from Ipsy, could create an awesome holiday look.  This is why I subscribed to these services- to try new things.  Would I be happier with a generic black?!


Mastey Color Protecting Leave- In Oil Treatment Sample Size $6.63

Now I haven’t colored my hair since my 21st birthday, so I like to think after 3 and a half years it’s all natural again.  But this does mention it could be used for damaged hair as well and my dry frizzy strands could always use some conditioning.


The Aloe Source JoJoba Radiance Cleaning Polish Sample Size $4.48

I would normally be annoyed by a 1 oz face wash but since I was traveling for 2 weeks I am in need of updating my travel products.  I have a feeling I’m gonna fall in love with this product- it seems clean, fresh, rejuvenating, and softing.  On the marketing side at least… but we’ll see how it is in action..

Some say they can’t see where they get the theme from, but I can. A smokey eye, shiny hair, I get it… they just needed to add a red lip!

The value of this box is about $69 which is awesome since I only paid about $22.  This tempts me to keep my subscription, but sadly if I do happen to fall in love with any products I probably won’t be able to afford purchasing them at regular price.  What do you think of this month’s Glossy Box?

Bulu Box November 2013

23 Nov

Bulu Box is $10 monthly and it’s an awesome way to discover vitamin, supplement, health and weight loss products delivered straight to your door.

They have two options- Bulu Box or Bulu Box Weight Loss. They have a great point system as well.

This review is for the regular Bulu Box.


-MASHUPCONDITIONING.COM $25 off coupon code for any workout DVD and a free 8-minute yoga sprint workout youtube link lol

I love interval training but the DVDs run for about $50.. I don’t love it THAT much when I get classes free at my gym! I’ll check out the youtube video though!

-40% off all Vitagoods products

Image Actually, a pretty adorable card- it’s in a pink envelope and the contents are for a month free off “I dable” membership package worth 5 requests. I have no idea what this means.

Menstrual Magic 3 soft gel pills $1.94

This could definitely come in handy 😛


Yaff Bar Blueberry Crunch $3

This is supposed to give you natural energy. Hopefully it works (and tastes ok) because it would be great to come up with new quick breakfasts.


Quest Bar in Cookie Dough $2

My favorite item in the box! I’ve heard amazing things, and I follow a Quest promoter on IG who I am absolutely obsessed with so I’m pretty excited to finally try this… and I’m glad I got this flavor!


PreToxx 4 pills $2.67

A natural hangover pill!  I don’t know how these normally work, but this one is to be taken before drinking- definitely worth a try. I do have a wedding Sunday.


Energems $2.99

They look like M&Ms.  I got excited when I saw only 45 calories- but apparently a serving size is only 3.  I read the description card before the boxx.. anyway I’m a chocolatolic.  Oh well, they are supposed to give you energy so this could be a good pick me up to keep in my work desk.

As many of you know, I’m not the biggest Bulu box fan and my subscription is officially up.  But honestly, I kind of liked this months…

Palermo Bakery, Ridgefield Park location

22 Nov


A bang for your buck!  I customized this birthday cake with both vanilla and chocolate cake, fresh cannoli cream and fresh strawberries, all for about $40 bucks.  They deal with expensive wedding cakes, so the fact the woman took the time with me to figure out something so beautiful and tasty within my budge definitely won the place points.  Cake tasting and coffee included.  Gorgeous!


And here are some oreo surprised my boyfriend pickedup for me:



As well as a princess cake he custom ordered me 🙂

pal2The picture may be a little too small but it’s got these awesome editable silver alls thingies on the outline and it;s a gogeous touch.

So affordable for what it is. And VERY tastey ! 🙂