Cafe Angelique, Tenafly

1 Nov


I’m amazed at all the decent reviews this place gets. Yea it’s an old trains station so it’s got some charm, but It’s DIRTY- and not in a sense of crumbs on the floor… but the furniture is rotting, the cups are so foggy and old I wouldn’t keep them in my own house, and there are bugs everywhere!  The food is all pre-made so you can’t change anything, they don’t even make the pancakes & waffles from scratch   And it’s overpriced!  Not just the entrees themselves, but any extras. oh you want mint? $1. Oh you want some Parmesan with your soup? $1.50. Oh jam with your toast? 75 cents… and, um, $1 for the bread.  God forbid coffee refills are free. NO JOKE, IS THE OWNER FOR REAL?  And staff changes constantly.

Although, if you do go, definitely get the hummus!  One of the only things they make on location and it’s deliciously authentic.


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