Greetings from Washington, DC my neglected blog!

9 Nov


I’m at a conference superior to I and this keeping up thing is frying my brain. I can’t wait to get home…even if it will only be an hour.  I’m sleeping at Joe’s so his parents can take us to the air port at the crack of dawn.  Tequila and tacos here I come!

Anyway, you would think I would of blogged since I am alone in a dimly lit hotel room but I’m actually somewhat social. I went to the Museum of Archives with a 40 year old man from Lousiana, met up for happy hour with a long lost room mate, and had dinner with some family.

I’ve been eating salmon everyday.  Not sure why. One night I was even asked how I like it cooked.  I said grilled but he meant rare/med/well done…. you learn something new everyday.

I also really wish I stashed Joe into my luggage.  Who knew my history skills were so lacking.  I need a tourguide- for historian and directional purposes.   I finally found Straighttalk’s weakness and it’s been pretty tough following a pre-loaded blue dot that dosent adjust to what direction you are facing or street names. My feet are completely cut up from all the walking I’ve been doing.  I saw the cutest magnet of a foot with the words “I walked my way through Washington DC.” I should of bought it.

Anyway, I have a few updates but you’re gonna have to wait.  I just wanted to let my followers know I’m alive.


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