Sample Society November 2013

9 Nov

Sample Society is a $15 monthly subscription filled with 5 deluxe-sized samples from brands like Alterna, Diptyque, Dermalogica and By Terry, a monthly gift code to redeem on a $50 purchase — when any product from the brands you sampled is included in your order, and an exclusive mini-mag filled with tips and beauty news from the editors of Allure.


There are a few different combinations they send out a month. Again, I do not physically have my hands on it even though it is tucked in safe and sound under my bed, but my products are already up on the site.

Here is what I got::

Borghese Splendore Brightening Makeup Deluxe Sample-SS

This product seems very versatile, kind of if a highlighter and a foundation had a baby.  I’ve never used anything like it, and its been way to long since I’ve used either in liquid form, so I’m pretty excited to experiment.

Illume Balsam & Cedar Tin SS Deluxe Sample A nice little extra for the holidays.

LipDrink SPF 15 Lip Balm

Jane Iredale LipDrink SS Deluxe Samples I get a J&J discount but whatever, one can never have too many lip care products. I’m always chapped!

Murad Hydro Dynamic Moisturizer Deluxe Sample  FINALLY one of these boxes sent me a moisturizer.  Ive been waiting! Call me an old woman, but I’m actually on some prescription acne cream, and it dries me the heck out.

Phyto Phytonectar Hair Treatment Oil Deluxe Sample The timing could not be more perfect, my hair feels dry and fried.  I’ve never heard of pre-shampoo but I’m glad because I always overdo it on the oil and that’s not cute. Hopefully this works it’s promised magic.

These pictures are obviously not my own and are all over the place- sorry! I’m working with a pretty crappy laptop and sizing is just too much to ask, it won’t happen again.  I’m all traveled out for the next year. I can’t tell you size or value yet but I can tell you Sample Society is EVERYTHING I wanted out of this subscription.  I couldn’t of dreamed up a better skin & body product box.

This subscription is a keeper in my book so if you decide to join Sample Society as well- I BEG you to use my referral code: ANGE935172

Thanks so much! Love you all!


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