Promo Madness & Budget Beauty Deals

19 Nov

Some more holiday codes popped up that I’m excited too share-

I left my credit cards at home today so I wouldn’t be tempted to shop- but of course I’m praying Allure accepts PayPal 😛 Hurry- it sells out in like 15 minutes.


So upset I made an e.l.f. purchase yesterday.  Today they announced 50% off with the code 50HOLIDAY on orders over 20+ and, as of yesterday, free shipping on orders  35+. This promo expires 11/27.  I don’t have many e.l.f. products, I’ve tried their pot liner as wasn’t a fan… but I decided at these prices it’s time to try again. They have some adorable crystallized makeup brushes I couldn’t resist.

I don’t know if I mentioned, but I’ve been on the field about whether or not to try Fancy Box. Well…. they released a 20% off code and that is just the nudge I needed! The promo code is HOLIDAY and its off your entire purchase- products and boxes.

One last thing- POPSugar extend the promo HOLIDAYGWP to get a free Bauble Bar Necklace in your December box.  I say extended because they originally released the code only for gift subscriptions, but it now includes new purchases as well.  I already cancelled my subscription so I think that classifies me as ‘new.’ AKA it’s a good thing I left my cards at home after all!

..or wait.. do they accept PayPal?!?! The thirst is real!!!!


And Must Have Holiday for Him is still going strong if you want to purchase.

KLUTCHclub is offering an early bird 15% off any gift subscription with a bonus of 75 klutchbucks afor yourself with the code ZZGIFT15. Offer expires 11/23.

Charlotte Russe- today only- take an extra 25% off all clearence shoes.  Regular shoes are buy one get one $10. I don’t think any codes are required.

BuluBox– code FIRSTTIME will get you 20% off your first order.  Offer expires Friday.

Smashbox is allowing you to “create your own gift” which includes freebies and gift wrap. I LOVE Smashbox so I’m obviously tempted by the FREE EYE SET they are offering to those who create a gift.  It includes Full Exposure Mascara and Limitless Eyeliner in onyx. Free shipping on every U.S. order.  I don’t believe their is a code and this expires Friday as well!


Illume Candles are amazing.  I finally  a promo- MOD10 for 10% off and free shipping.  First thing I want is the Naughty Candle to make a set since I got Nice in POPSugar.  If you remember, SampleSociety sent out sample size Balsam & Cedar and it honestly smelled awesome so I’m also intrigued by the Balsam & Cedar gift set.  I wish I knew who I’m getting for Secret Santa with my extended family- My 13 year old cousin Rosie  pulls names tonight although she gets a gift from everyone, Secret Santa is only among the adults- in which I am the youngest.  The oldest of the “kids” is Ava and she is about to turn 18 so I can’t really say I just missed the cut-off. ANYWAY I digress… apparently you get a sample size candle of your choice with every purchase- I’m going with Heirloom Pumpkin.  It’s described as pumpkin puree, brown sugar, cinnamon, and some other great stuff. I have high hopes.

These are the updates thus far today. Happy Shopping Love Bugs!


2 Responses to “Promo Madness & Budget Beauty Deals”

  1. jvergin November 19, 2013 at 10:28 pm #

    Did you end up getting the Allure box??

    • Angela D. November 20, 2013 at 2:12 pm #

      I did not. I went through every item in it one by one and weighed out my actual need and ultimately decided against it (even though it’s pretty amazing…. which is why I had to leave my cards at home to not be tempted) However- I will be checking eBay for that keratin hair thing after these ship! 🙂

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