FabFitFun Winter 13/14 SPOILER!

21 Nov

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten the e-mail for this- maybe I just overlooked it.

FabFitFun is my favorite box. Each box is a surprise picked out by Giuliana Rancic and it’s a taste of beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products. It’s the only one where I actually get use out of EVERY product ! 🙂

I’m not even sure when this ships.  I JUST got my Fall box but I ordered late.  I heard it’s going to be around Christmas.

Anyway, the spoiler is The Never Ending Necklace ($55) and the concept is AMAZING. A


Wear this key and embrace its message until you meet someone who needs the message on the key more than you. Once you’ve paid it forward, tell them about it!

I lovee vintagey stuff and I always had a soft spot for keys so this is pretty perfect. I’m a sap for companies trying to make a difference but I don’t know how I’m going to give it away because I’m already in love 😦

Use promo code WINTER10 or EARLYBIRD10  for $10 off this FabFitFun box.


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