Bulu Box November 2013

23 Nov

Bulu Box is $10 monthly and it’s an awesome way to discover vitamin, supplement, health and weight loss products delivered straight to your door.

They have two options- Bulu Box or Bulu Box Weight Loss. They have a great point system as well.

This review is for the regular Bulu Box.


-MASHUPCONDITIONING.COM $25 off coupon code for any workout DVD and a free 8-minute yoga sprint workout youtube link lol

I love interval training but the DVDs run for about $50.. I don’t love it THAT much when I get classes free at my gym! I’ll check out the youtube video though!

-40% off all Vitagoods products


-Www.ooberluxe.com Actually, a pretty adorable card- it’s in a pink envelope and the contents are for a month free off “I dable” membership package worth 5 requests. I have no idea what this means.

Menstrual Magic 3 soft gel pills $1.94

This could definitely come in handy 😛


Yaff Bar Blueberry Crunch $3

This is supposed to give you natural energy. Hopefully it works (and tastes ok) because it would be great to come up with new quick breakfasts.


Quest Bar in Cookie Dough $2

My favorite item in the box! I’ve heard amazing things, and I follow a Quest promoter on IG who I am absolutely obsessed with so I’m pretty excited to finally try this… and I’m glad I got this flavor!


PreToxx 4 pills $2.67

A natural hangover pill!  I don’t know how these normally work, but this one is to be taken before drinking- definitely worth a try. I do have a wedding Sunday.


Energems $2.99

They look like M&Ms.  I got excited when I saw only 45 calories- but apparently a serving size is only 3.  I read the description card before the boxx.. anyway I’m a chocolatolic.  Oh well, they are supposed to give you energy so this could be a good pick me up to keep in my work desk.

As many of you know, I’m not the biggest Bulu box fan and my subscription is officially up.  But honestly, I kind of liked this months…


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