ibbeautiful review

30 Nov

I have searched high and low for a subscription appropriate for my “young” 13 year old cousin and I have finally found it!

ibbeautiful is a monthly subscription available in “tween” or “teen.”  I ordered a one time box as a Christmas gift- the one time fee is $20 but if you subscribe it’s 18 a month.  $10 more if you want them to include a t-shirt.


I have been getting really into scarves so maybe this is a sign that I can make her a mini me.


Ottilie & Lulu Body Glow Lotion trial size $3.50

A brand specifically for young girls is a cue idea.. it will help the transition into caring about things like lotion!  Image

Without opening this, I am going to guess it’s a bracelet.  I don’t know if she has any interest i owls- but I love them!  I think she will like this.


Seeds of Happiness ($4)

I guess these little balls of clay are like the children’s version f us getting that key necklace in the next FabFitFun.


e.l.f. shimme with brush ($2)

Not going to lie- I was a little concerned.  She is tom boyish with strict parents- what is she gonna do with makeup?  But I’m glad it’s nothing serious, just a shimmer, and from an affordable brand in case she decided to experiment.

This is a great box for young women, it’s filled with positivity, fun, and natural beauty.  I know I would of loved something like this growing up!  I have no idea what the prices of some items are but I’m going to assume the value isn’t anything crazy- but it’s worth the variety and introduction of products.  It’s a box of fun!


3 Responses to “ibbeautiful review”

  1. Kris February 10, 2014 at 11:51 am #

    I signed up for ibbeautiful for my teen as a year of monthly Christmas gifts. I’ve been charged 3 times but have only received one box. Sixty dollars for one box is beyond expensive and when I emailed to inquire and then cancel, I got email after email of promises and fluff. I look for this service to go out of business soon. There is definitely major disorganization and incompetence going on. Very disappointed.

    • Angela D. May 12, 2014 at 2:26 pm #

      That is AWFUL… I did a one-time box, but I wasn’t really happy with the products. You have to be so careful with some of these subscription services! Hope it worked out.

    • cindy May 15, 2014 at 4:09 pm #

      Hi Kris, This is Cindy from iBbeautiful. This is simply not true. Can you give me the name your subscription is under and email me at cindy@ibbeautiful.com so I can look into your subscription? If a person signs up right after the cut off for the month then there is some lag time until the following months box goes out, but we have never not delivered. Mistakes do happen from time to time, but none that we don’t rectify to our subscribers satisfaction.

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