Adore Me

5 Dec

For those who haven’t heard of it, Adore Me is a lingerie version of sites like ShoeDazzle. You sign up to become a member, hand over your credit card info, and every month a “curated” selection of products is placed in your showroom. All the products are the same price ($39.95 if you’re an Adore Me member; $49.95 if you’re not a member.), and that amount is automatically charged to your credit card each month…like a subscription service.

I filled out the quiz, I’m assuming the service is new because I noticed a few glitches, but ultimately I was able to find a little black set- just like my boyfriend always asks for.


Only in my search for “push-up” I completely over looked the “add 2 cup sizes” this particular set says- holey moley this thing has a lot of padding. Tooo much.. but hey… you never know when it will come in handy haha.


I was able to use a promo code for 50% off and it’s always free shipping! Beats Victoria’s Secret Prices!


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