Wantable December 2013

21 Dec

Wantable offers three different boxes- intimates, jewelry, and makeup.  Each box is unique, tailored to customer profiles after a series of EXTREMELY DETAILED product and personality questions. The box is $36 a month for subscribers, or $40 for a one time purchase.  You also have the option to skip months or return boxes.

Here is what I got!!!


  I am not WOWed by this but it is up my alley.  Most of my pieces are too bold so this might be a good compromise.

3I love these earrings!!!! Favorite in the box.  I always do love earrings.  They are pretty and lightweight and I don’t really know what else to say except I already wore them haha.

2I may of estimated my ring size about half a size too small. Oh well.  I’m not a big ring wearer but I’m trying to get into it so this is a nice piece.  I do love bows and shit 😉

4I’ve also been trying to get into scarves this season.  This was super soft and silky ad I love my grays HOWEVER it was kind of an odd shape and even though it has a $35 price tag the fabric seems to be undoing itself a bit.

All and all, it was an awesome box.  I need to shy away from the makeup a bit so Wantable jewelry was a nice change of pace.  I will be using everything in this box and I am extremely satisfied.


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