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Graphic Works for Work

21 Oct

I really need to add some fun to my work wardrobe, and I really think this Forever21 racer-back is getting the job done.

How do you spruce up your professional attire?


I stumbled upon a great store called SURPRISE and I loved it!!! The clothes sizing fit a little weird but I found a ton of blazers and cardigans. The slacks are Express, but I could live without them.Image

My favorite store for work slacks is actually NY&Co.  The sizes run large, thus making me feel skinny, and I always get petite because they are just the right length on my 5’5 frame that my shins don’t show AND I don’t have to wear heels.  Their is a NY&Co right in my town, as well as right in my favorite mall, AND an outlet not to far.

Where is your go to for work pants?


Happy October!

1 Oct

I think my favorite fall casual look is going to be jeans with a graphic t, blazer, and boots.


The blazer is Mudd- I found it at Khols

The tee was actually a free promotional tool from MailChimp!

These are my FAVORITE jeans.. they are actually jeggings but nobody can tell… I love that they give me the same curves as my leggings…I got them at 2cute for $30. Sadly, they don’t have an online store.

The booties are MTNG Originals Large Buckle Flat Boot- got them on a Hautelook flash deal but I’ve noticed with a little research Hautelook’s featured items are usually on sale else where as well.


I’m actually currently selling this Music Couture – Music Couture “Can’t Buy Me Love” Lock & Key Lariat Necklace on my personal eBay account so hurry!!! 🙂

Girls Achieve Grapeness!

26 Sep

Sorry to get all sorority on ya, but even years after graduation I feel the need to support my girls when they do these type of things- plus it’s an awesome color!! I’ll be wearing mine.



Girls who are empowered to realize their full potential grow into strong women – women who are far less likely to become victims of relationship abuse. So during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, SDT chapters nationwide are selling Girls Achieve Grapeness! – a custom shade of nail polish created to support JWI programs that help girls and young women become safe and independent.

Join women across the country in this powerful purple campaign to end violence against women.

Where can I get the polish?
Here is a list of SDT chapters selling Girls Achieve Grapeness! on campus and at special events. Girls Achieve Grapeness! will also be available at JWI events this fall- stay tuned for more information.

How much does it cost?
Girls Achieve Grapeness! is $10 per bottle – that’s $10 donated to a great cause!

When should I wear it?
All the time! Girls Achieve Grapeness! is the perfect fall hue. Wear it throughout October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and keep wearing it as long as you like. It’s a great conversation starter: Whenever someone asks which shade you’re wearing, tell them about this campaign!

Okay, my fingers and toes are painted; what do I do now?
We have a few suggestions, but feel free to get creative.

  1. Show us your Grapeness! Take a picture of yourself and your friends wearing this polish and share it on Facebook. Be sure to tag JWI and SDT!
  2. Share or tweet your own moment of #Grapeness, and encourage others to do the same: When have you, as a girl or a woman, felt most powerful? Achieved your greatest goal? Stood up for yourself or someone else? Changed your life for the better? Start the conversation! Don’t forget to use hashtag #Grapeness!

– See more at:


blazer babe

25 Aug


You know what one piece of clothing that just makes you feel awesome and you can’t pinpoint why?  Thats my GUESS off-white blazer that was a steal at their outlet 🙂

And the tank top from an Annie Sez outlet as well.. it’s a beautiful thing 🙂

And this gorgeous necklace was recently on sale at Macy’s.  I’ve been trying to budget myself (aka not pick up new pieces) but I couldn’t stop thinking about this one!

perfect family gathering

22 Aug

High-low skirt + drop shoulder tee (mines by MOMENT Knitwear)= sophistication & style

I paired it with some booties and a chunky necklace:

photo 2