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Cand Cane Stripes Party Nail

9 Dec

I probably should of waited a day or two to take this picture because of course the excess polish has cleaned off…Image and it looks x8243 better… but whatever.. I’m not a manicurist, you get the point. But I am broke and have a ton of polishes from my boxes to experiment with.¬† I have to say, I do see improvement since my last attempt at nail art.


Just use tape ūüôā


Adore Me

5 Dec

For those who haven‚Äôt heard of it, Adore Me is a lingerie version of sites like ShoeDazzle. You sign up to become a member, hand over your credit card info, and every month a ‚Äúcurated‚ÄĚ selection of products is placed in your showroom. All the products are the same price ($39.95 if you‚Äôre an¬†Adore Me member; $49.95 if you‚Äôre not a member.), and that amount is automatically charged to your credit card each month‚Ķlike a subscription service.

I filled out the quiz, I’m assuming the service is new because I noticed a few glitches, but ultimately I was able to find a little black set- just like my boyfriend always asks for.


Only in my search for “push-up” I completely over looked the “add 2 cup sizes” this particular set says- holey moley this thing has a lot of padding. Tooo much.. but hey… you never know when it will come in handy haha.


I was able to use a promo code for 50% off and it’s always free shipping! Beats Victoria’s Secret Prices!


GlossyBox October 2013 “The Byrdie Box”

2 Nov


This is my first Glossybox. ¬†The price tag¬†isn’t¬†too bad at $22 and I¬†like¬†that skin products are incorporated. ¬†I could always use¬†moisturizers¬†and primers. ¬† This month’s box was a special collaboration with Brydie.


¬†I have to say it had my favorite¬†packaging¬†so far! ¬†It was so classy and the box was durable and¬†reusable, I legit feel guilty throwing it out… so I¬†didn’t¬†ūüėČ


The first thing I noticed, besides this adorable ribbon, was the SMELL.  It was wonderful.


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream  Sample Size Value $12.60)

Supposedly a little of this goes a long way. ¬†I’m still young so I think my mom would appreciate this more. ¬†She loves the idea of products, but never really goes after them. ¬†Simple woman. Into her pile this goes.


Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara ($23)

This stuff is awesome! ¬†The gold around it is actually the tube!! ¬†The brush is harsher than usual but I love the movie star lashes I get. I have short lashes and I’m happy with both the volume and¬†length¬†I get from this. ¬†This is top 3 mascaras ¬†ever for me.


Sesha Renu Exfoliating Gel Sample Value: $16.80 / 20ml / .68oz

I was slightly¬†disappointed¬†by this because I wanted the¬†rejuvenating¬†anti-wrinkle mask since I’m going to be alone in a hotel all week I figured it would be fun to do some pampering. ¬†I guess Glossybox decided a 24 year old didn’t need an anti-wrinkle mask and would prefer an¬†exfoliate. ¬†But hey, can’t complain. I do love my Apricot scrub so we’ll see how this lines up. ¬†For the price- I hope I don’t fall in love lol.


Balance Me Shine on Tinted Lip Salve ($19.37) in Soft Beige

Doesn’t look like a $20 product but it comes all the way from Great¬†Britain¬†so who knows how they do things there. It’s also a custom color made just for these boxes. ¬†But it’s going into my gift pile because I’m not a big gloss user..I much prefer lipstick!


Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc Soap ($9.96)

I found the¬†culprit¬†of the amazing smell. I don’t normally use bar soap but again, I will be traveling the next few weeks and this could come in handy. ¬†I am much more excited about a bar of soap than I ever knew possible- you NEED to smell this. It’s better than a spa and makes me feel like life is beautiful….!

If you are interested in subscribing- don‚Äôt forget to use the code ‚ÄúBODY‚ÄĚ for a free¬†BODYOGRAPHY Every Finish Powder

I’m going to be honest with you- even with the $81 value I¬†wasn’t¬†too excited about this box. ¬†But I can’t put my finger on why. I got an amazing mascara, and the face products I was counting on. ¬†I’m going to give this subscription a few months… I don’t know how long term I plan on it being but I am¬†definitely¬†excited to see what they come up with next.


Which is apparently inspired by flowing hair, matte skin, and sultry smokey eye.



Woodhouse Day Spa, Montclair‚Ķ. Barbounia, Manhattan

25 Oct


For my sister’s¬†Bachelorette party I decided to mix a little relaxation in before the crazy.

We chose Woodhouse Day Spa, I‚Äôm not really sure why because the prices¬†weren’t¬†the best bargain we could find, but alas, this is where we ended up.

And all in all it was a good choice.

We had a room, it¬†wasn’t¬†private but we were alone for a chunk of it, where the spa provided us with cucumber water (LOVE!) and tea. ¬†We got to hang out on the couches¬†in between¬†our booked¬†appointments¬†(there was 10 f us) and snack on mini quiche,¬†bread sticks¬†covered in¬†salami, fruit,¬†vegetables¬†with various dips, and stuffed mushrooms. ¬†We brought the food in, if¬†that‚Äôs¬†what your thinking, but they did set it up and clean it up for us. ¬†We sipped flavor champagne and took pictures.


I‚Äôm a massage newb, so my barely satisfied rating may be based on my pick‚Ķ the Swedish massage. I was told by the girls it was lame AFTER I expressed my dissatisfaction. ¬†Apparently, you‚Äôre supposed to ask your¬†masseuse¬†to go rougher. ¬†All in all,¬†I’ve¬†had friends that have given me better massages without me¬†having¬†to speak up.

But oh how relaxing!  And the bride to be had a blast; she apparently had to sit in a bathtub LOL.

But¬†we’ve¬†now worked up an¬†appetite.

As I am sure by now¬†you’ve¬†noticed, my people are Mediterranean¬†happy, so of course we chose a Greek place in Midtown. People suggested Barbounia to me, but I wanted to be the one to come up with the plans. ¬†And so, after much research, when I discovered Barbounia and got really excited, I then realized it was the same place that was¬†originally¬†presented to me. I sucked up my pride.

I called for the reservation, normally the large party we had would require some sort of pre-fixed delio but the events girl was nowhere to be found so they just gave me a table.

As soon as we came in someone told me that the cork fee was $35.  Wow I didn’t know the place was BYOB, so of course a $35 cork fee was nothing in comparison to city cocktail prices.  I hurried back to the limo to retrieve our bottles only to be told, based on size; they would be charging $50.

I set my budget for the night extremely high, and $15 was not a big deal, but they told me 35 and I would not go down without a fight.

My waitress was a sweetheart, yesing me to death and I¬†drunkenly¬†vented to her. ¬†In fact, they were all sweethearts.. except whoever was from management I had to deal with. ¬†I think he’d had some Russian name I can‚Äôt remember.

What happened to the customer is always right?  It’s my sisters Bachelorette party for Heavens sake!  I understand this place is prestigious and could survive without our business, but they could also afford to waive this extra charge and provide me with the original price I was told, or at least send me a friggon free piece of cake as an apology.

No, instead my dinner started off full on arguing with this irritating man, and if you’ve read my other posts, I’m not a fussy being.  But fair is fair.

‚ÄúHey, I was told the corkage fee was $35 so I went out of my way to call the limo back.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúYes but your bottles are bigger than standard and we have to make some kind of profit‚ÄĚ (as if $35 to open a bottle¬†isn’t¬†a profit)

‚ÄúListen I work in the¬†restaurant¬†business¬†myself, I know you have some leeway¬†here‚ÄĚ (Even I had leeway and I only waitressed)

‚ÄúOh you work in the¬†restaurant¬†business? Good for you.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúAre you giving me an attitude?‚ÄĚ


He might as well of snorted. Full on attitude. ¬†Listen dude, you may work at a really nice¬†restaurant¬† but at the end of the day it’s still a¬†restaurant. ¬†You are not above me. You are here to serve me. ¬†How dare he look down on me like that?!

I walked away.  I was already getting vibes from the other girls that me being difficult is only going to ruin my sisters day.

We shared some appetizers among the table. I think it was spicy feta, hummus and roasted eggplant.  The bread was TO DIE FOR.  We also ordered fired calamari.


And I¬†split¬†a lamb entree with one of the other bridesmaids. ¬†I¬†couldn’t¬†tell you exactly what we ordered,¬†seeing¬†as I¬†wasn’t¬†even hungry at this point I just volunteered to share whatever she picked. ¬†It was very good.



My sister LOVED the food.


She kept insisting we  go on a double date with me there.  In fact, I believe she did come back with her future husband months later.

It was a good time.  Besides the wine incident, the service was very nice and the place was beautiful. The goal was to spoil her so I did just that.


But personally, after my issue with the management, I think I’ll pass and go somewhere I feel appreciated next time.

Fall 2013 Fashion Tips

24 Oct

It’s officially cold here in Jersey so time to re-amp my wardrobe (just in time for the weekend festivities!)

This year has been all about being eccentric (love it!)

-Think fur or leather outerwear in various colors, lengths and textures…. But pair around the one or two statement pieces and keep the rest of your outfit simple.  You don’t want overkill.

-Make sure these staples are weather appropriate.  No flouncy pieces.

-Classic prints always seem in.  I’m going to miss my floral but I do love plaid and houndstooth.  Menswear is your friend!

1Squeezing the last bit of floral in for the year ūüėõ

-I seems hats are also in, but this girl tends to shy away from them.  Any type hat works at the moment.

-Jewel tones are going to be big, especially emerald green.¬† I‚Äôm pretty excited about this‚Ķ time to pull out that Zoya Polish I got in this month‚Äôs Ipsy.. check out, my polish is from the Fall 2013 CASHMERES & SATINS Collection, it’s called Giovanna. When you buy 2 polishes using the promo code IPSYZ3 the third is free! Also free with the code- Zoya remover ūüôā

-White is also in- thank goodness because I own so much of it! Not sure when that happened; I’m not the cleanest person. Regardless, I’m glad it not only now an acceptable winter color, but an encouraged one!

-Camo is hott. Although personally, not a huge fan, Hautelook (referral link) may be changing my mind with this great shoe sale “Camo, Anyone?” Prices are EXTREMELY affordable (they have loafers for $10!!) but make your purchase quick because this sale ends Saturday.

-As always- Layer, layer, layer!

-The peplum hasn’t slowed, such a good thing! Ever notice how flattering it can be?

-Statement Jewelry is going strong! My absolute favorite trend.

Stay tuned…. I have a few great outfits in mind for this weekend using pieces you probably already own ūüôā

Sizziling Sunday ;)

20 Oct

Our first night in Cancun (which is our first big drink) is also going to be our anniversary. And since it’s all-inclusive, I assume I’m going to be feeling pretty confident.



WARNING** adult content**********************


So I researched adult subscription boxes and discovered The Fantasy Box– which not only comes with props- but comes with “directions.”

“Every month, you will receive a different fantasy, instructions for how to play it out and all the goodies needed to turn fantasy into reality. Some fantasies are dark and sexy, some light and playful. Some are sensual, some are rowdy. They can take place in various rooms in your home or in the outside world. Whatever the fantasy, we guarantee your date night will be unforgettable.”

They offer 3 different sizes- Essentials for $34 a month, regular for $59 a month, and platinum for $139 a month.  You also have the option to subscribe bi-monthly.

I chose essentials.


First off, I hated the packaging.  I wanted to sneak this into my luggage and surprise him when we get there but the box just fell apart.  I believe the bigger sizes come in nice snug cardboard.


You are suppose to fill out the for him and for her cards before dinner that way you have something to talk about.¬† It’s just a way to learn about eachother o a different level.

It doesn’t matter who is the leader and who is the follower.¬† Personally, I’m nervous to be either, but thank god for those margaritas.


First, a bullet vibrator.¬† Ovo W1 $15 to be exact. Packed as if it were an iPhone. It claims to be waterproof and have a powerful but very quiet motor.¬† I haven’t successfully been able to turn this on seeing as I didn’t understand the concept of removing the red disk from the battery in order for it to start working.¬† In the process of trying to figure out what I was doing I lost the battery all together and must purchase a new one.¬† Don’t make the same mistake as me..


Rene Rofe Lingerie Set $18. A lot of reviewers like dhow “classy” this is.¬† I don’t want classy in the bedroom.¬† I’m young and trying to show off my body.¬† I want lace. I want sheer.¬† I mean goodness, he sees me sleep in less clothes than this!¬† But the push-up is a nice touch and the quality for the price is awesome.


Last but not least, a sample of Liquid Organics Lubricating Gel and a black silky blindfold.

The possibilities are endless.

The value of the box wasn’t much over what I paid but it’s worth the concept!¬† Try your fantasy box ASAP with promo code RAMBLE20 to save 20% on ANY box.




What would you use? All about eyes.

16 Oct

Well, it’s been almost a month since I received my first highlighter in my Ipsy bag.. and the creative juices are still flowing!

I don’t normally wear eyeliner on my “waterline.”¬† Maybe it’s because I’m convinced it brings out the dark circles in my eyes, but I was wearing black.¬† Let’s analyze the difference shall we?


Using the highlighter on my waterline definitely opened my eyes up!¬† They are usually all squinty, I am now a fan.¬† I can see this trick being a must in my “everyday look,” but I am going to stick to black for my “going out” look.


(Sorry I know the picture is kind of blurry but I’m sure you know what black eyeliner looks like. )

This is because the black makes your eyes more penetrating, even if smaller, and I feel sexier (and that’s what I am going for at night!)