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My Wet N’ Wild Affair

20 Nov

Who the heck knew Wet N’ Wild nail polish was so awesome? No seriously though?


I’ve been avoiding the whole brand with the premeditated judgement that it sucks.  How could something that cheap not?  But, DC was wayyy overpriced and although I splurged on a $14 eyebrow wax and $17 regular mani (plus tip) I was not about to give my feet the same luxury.  I went to CVS to get some emergency cheapy polish.  I really wanted to try Wet N’ Wild’s “wetshine” line because as you know I’m not a glitter or sparkle kinda girl… but I would really appreciate some shine.  And for $0.99 why not?!?! But they didn’t have any colors that screamed “vacation” to me- although they had some beautiful wines for the season.  Anyway, I had to up my game to the “megalast” collection which was $1.99 in order to find a color appropriate for the vibe I was looking for.


Not only is it lasting just as the name promises- but the color (I need a refresh-mint) is awesome, the application was a breeze, and it dried pretty quick.  What more could a girl want?!? I may have found a way to double my polish collection…

And just MAYBE might give some of their other products a try.  Do you use Wet N’ Wild? What are your experiences?


Sample Society November 2013

9 Nov

Sample Society is a $15 monthly subscription filled with 5 deluxe-sized samples from brands like Alterna, Diptyque, Dermalogica and By Terry, a monthly gift code to redeem on a $50 purchase — when any product from the brands you sampled is included in your order, and an exclusive mini-mag filled with tips and beauty news from the editors of Allure.


There are a few different combinations they send out a month. Again, I do not physically have my hands on it even though it is tucked in safe and sound under my bed, but my products are already up on the site.

Here is what I got::

Borghese Splendore Brightening Makeup Deluxe Sample-SS

This product seems very versatile, kind of if a highlighter and a foundation had a baby.  I’ve never used anything like it, and its been way to long since I’ve used either in liquid form, so I’m pretty excited to experiment.

Illume Balsam & Cedar Tin SS Deluxe Sample A nice little extra for the holidays.

LipDrink SPF 15 Lip Balm

Jane Iredale LipDrink SS Deluxe Samples I get a J&J discount but whatever, one can never have too many lip care products. I’m always chapped!

Murad Hydro Dynamic Moisturizer Deluxe Sample  FINALLY one of these boxes sent me a moisturizer.  Ive been waiting! Call me an old woman, but I’m actually on some prescription acne cream, and it dries me the heck out.

Phyto Phytonectar Hair Treatment Oil Deluxe Sample The timing could not be more perfect, my hair feels dry and fried.  I’ve never heard of pre-shampoo but I’m glad because I always overdo it on the oil and that’s not cute. Hopefully this works it’s promised magic.

These pictures are obviously not my own and are all over the place- sorry! I’m working with a pretty crappy laptop and sizing is just too much to ask, it won’t happen again.  I’m all traveled out for the next year. I can’t tell you size or value yet but I can tell you Sample Society is EVERYTHING I wanted out of this subscription.  I couldn’t of dreamed up a better skin & body product box.

This subscription is a keeper in my book so if you decide to join Sample Society as well- I BEG you to use my referral code: ANGE935172

Thanks so much! Love you all!

Holiday Promos I’m loving

2 Nov

Julep is having a Friends & Family sale and is offering 50% off of EVERYTHING (yes, everything), with the code “GOCRAZY” offer expires 11/4

FabFitFun‘s Fall boxes are sold out, but use the promo “EARLYBIRD10” to get $10 off your winter box 🙂

Starlooks is also having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale with the promo code ILOVESTARLOOKS expires 11/10



I’m also thinking about starting spoiler posts on boxes, thoughts???

Ipsy October 2013 Review

19 Oct

I love my Ipsy!  It’s such a bang for your buck, and although I usually want makeup products, I’m not too upset with this haul.

This month’s theme was “the art of beauty” which included


La Fresh®

Eco-Beauty® Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes

The La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes gently cleanses and detoxifies skin. Contains pineapple, vitamin E, cucumber, marshmallow, oat, aloe and chamomile extracts. These wipes are biodegradable, compostable and are packaged using clean, renewal solar energy. Paraben-free. $3

I guess they want you to start with the cleanest slate! I will definitely be taking on my trip.. when I come stumbling home drunk the last thing I am going to want to do is wipe my face so these will definitely come in handy (better than nothing- don’t judge.)

The bag was cute.  I don’t really get the quote but their is something about words on bags that I adore.  When the spoiler showed the bag would be pink, I had thought it would be some kind of cancer awareness theme- wouldn’t that of been nice? I’m actually doing “Walks for strides” on Sunday so let me know if you are interested in making a donation to my team:)


be Delectable

Hand Cream

Indulge your hands with a well-deserved treat. This ultra nourishing hand cream is enriched with shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera to smooth, nourish and rejuvenate hands and cuticles. Rich, and never greasy, this beautiful blend is kissed with a delectable scent. Available in four delectable scents, coconut & cream, strawberry & cream, vanilla & cream and lemon & cream. $3.50

I’m a sucker for the marketing on this one.  What a cute name! And a picture of a cupcake? How can I not be in love.  Ipsy was sending out all 4 scents and I was hoping for strawberry- but this was actually pretty awesome. Sometimes I need to venture out of my comfort zone.


Sexy Hair

Blow Dry Gel

The Sexy Hair Blow Gel is an alcohol-free gel that thickens hair while adding volume. It also helps retain moisture so your hair never feels dry. Delivers a light to medium hold. $3

I wouldn’t say my hair needs help in the volume department but my boyfriend does love the wet scrunched look so this get could come in handy. Also I like that it’s not an extreme hold and the idea of it retaining moisture.  The best part- it’s HUGE for a sample, not like the travel ones drugstores sell, so this will also come in use during my trip!  I’m curious to see how it works, I’ve haven’t had good experiences with this brand, and I hope it’s not too sticky. I will,, however, tell Ipsy I hate it so they don’t send me any more hair products!



Part of the Fall 2013 CASHMERES & SATINS Collection, these shades are created to work together with this season’s most stylish runway designs and luxurious fabric blends. These ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE – free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). $8

ipsy subscribers will receive Neve (purple), Giovanna(above) or Mason(pink)

It’s pretty but as you know I am not a shimmer kinda girl, metallics included. I hear the formula is great though.


Tingle, plump & shine your pout to super-sexy proportions with sheer, shimmering Full-On™ Lip Polish in Dolly. This bestselling dusty mauve gloss creates the look of fuller, more voluptuous lips while Vitamins A & E help keep them soft, smooth and protected. $19

I wish I would of known how much this is worth before I opened it- I totally would of tried to sell it LOL!  But that’s ok, the color is pretty natural but it’s got a great shimmer to it- one that I’m even OK with!  It’s a little sticky for me, I’m just use to lip sticks not glosses, but I’ll live.  I have naturally plump lips but I do think this product makes them appear fuller.  It also tingles like CRAZY which is not a bad thing!

Do you wanna get gorgeous on-the-go? Enter Buxom’s On-the-Go Gorgeousness Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Buxom Passport Collection: The Day Tripper Edition Kit! When a getaway of good times is in store, beautiful lips and beautiful eyes are easy. Be one of the 50 lucky winners. Click here to enter:


Another great month Ipsy!  It drives me crazy when people complain.  They use DHL which obviously sucks, and they send out the bags in shipments and between the two have some impatient customers. You’ll get it when you get it people!  People also attack the products and customization, no surprise there, but come on- the bag is $10 a month and I got $37 worth of products plus a TON of lovely coupons 🙂 !!

I understand people can be picky, but my interest behind subscription bags is the chance to experiment and try things I normally wouldn’t on my own.  People need to get off their high horse and hire a personal shopper if they want high-end treatment.. Just saying!


What did you get in this month’s Ipsy?


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What would you use? All about eyes.

16 Oct

Well, it’s been almost a month since I received my first highlighter in my Ipsy bag.. and the creative juices are still flowing!

I don’t normally wear eyeliner on my “waterline.”  Maybe it’s because I’m convinced it brings out the dark circles in my eyes, but I was wearing black.  Let’s analyze the difference shall we?


Using the highlighter on my waterline definitely opened my eyes up!  They are usually all squinty, I am now a fan.  I can see this trick being a must in my “everyday look,” but I am going to stick to black for my “going out” look.


(Sorry I know the picture is kind of blurry but I’m sure you know what black eyeliner looks like. )

This is because the black makes your eyes more penetrating, even if smaller, and I feel sexier (and that’s what I am going for at night!)


Girls Achieve Grapeness!

26 Sep

Sorry to get all sorority on ya, but even years after graduation I feel the need to support my girls when they do these type of things- plus it’s an awesome color!! I’ll be wearing mine.



Girls who are empowered to realize their full potential grow into strong women – women who are far less likely to become victims of relationship abuse. So during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, SDT chapters nationwide are selling Girls Achieve Grapeness! – a custom shade of nail polish created to support JWI programs that help girls and young women become safe and independent.

Join women across the country in this powerful purple campaign to end violence against women.

Where can I get the polish?
Here is a list of SDT chapters selling Girls Achieve Grapeness! on campus and at special events. Girls Achieve Grapeness! will also be available at JWI events this fall- stay tuned for more information.

How much does it cost?
Girls Achieve Grapeness! is $10 per bottle – that’s $10 donated to a great cause!

When should I wear it?
All the time! Girls Achieve Grapeness! is the perfect fall hue. Wear it throughout October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and keep wearing it as long as you like. It’s a great conversation starter: Whenever someone asks which shade you’re wearing, tell them about this campaign!

Okay, my fingers and toes are painted; what do I do now?
We have a few suggestions, but feel free to get creative.

  1. Show us your Grapeness! Take a picture of yourself and your friends wearing this polish and share it on Facebook. Be sure to tag JWI and SDT!
  2. Share or tweet your own moment of #Grapeness, and encourage others to do the same: When have you, as a girl or a woman, felt most powerful? Achieved your greatest goal? Stood up for yourself or someone else? Changed your life for the better? Start the conversation! Don’t forget to use hashtag #Grapeness!

– See more at:

Why I’m already cancelling my Julep Maven Subscription

25 Sep

photo 1 photo 2

I got the Boho Glam intro box as a result of the style quiz.  What I didn’t realize in my haste is that it already tells you what comes in it and if you don’t like it you can select a different collection.

Courteney: Key-lime green crème

Now, if I was going to go for a green nailpolish, this would be it.  It’s funky and bold and I think totally doable- but I’m in my mid-twenties and trying to be looked upon as a professional so it’s probably not my best be.  My eccentric 17 year old cousin can have it.

Marion: Smoky blue with silver shimmer

The bold blue is nice.  A little too shimmery for my taste but I know a lot of people like sparkle.. plus it’s what makes it different from my other polishes.

Mint Condition Pedi Crème

I’m excited to try this!  My feet are gross.

I am cancelling because I don’t do my own nails often enough to pay $20 a month- even though you can pre-check what you are getting an opt to skip a month.  I am also terribly unhappy with thir referral program- they have documented who signed up with my link and yet I have not received the promised promo codes which is unfortunate because a $15 credit per referral was an awesome deal.  Most sites apply it right away- this one you have to wait for an e-mail that I have lost hope in receiving seeing as it’s been over a week, customer service isn’t helpful, and it seems a lot of people have this issue- dating back for years!!!!!

Don’t get me wrong- the colors they offer are unique and beautiful and if I had the money I might stay.. but the referral thing really has pissed me off.

Also you have to actually call to cancel which is a bit inconvenient compared to the one button you have to press for the other subscription boxes.