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Jolly VoxBox!

23 Dec

Hey guys I know it’s been awhile and I owe you a TON of reviews… I think 2 Ipsys, a glossybox (which is on livingsocial!), a facy box, a popsugar.. oh my.. may be too late… BUT my love of free stuff as brought me back!!!

I have been a member for a few months but I FINALLY figured out Influenster! It’s so easy!  I was active on the site- it was fun.  I try so many products that it was easy to review them.  Within days it seemed like I was active enough for them to reward with me a holly jolly voxbox 🙂  For those of you that don’t know- voxboxes are free goodies they send over to participating members to review!  It’s awesome and TOTALLY FREE!



It was everything I could of wished for 🙂

Personally, I hate buying mini-packs of anything because the value is always below the full size product so of course I didn’t mind getting these 🙂  They are a great addition to my glove compartment- much less damaging than Dunkin Donut napkins.
NYC is an awesome, affordable brand.  I love eyeshadows and the color I received was great- a brownish pinkish purple nude- was it late night latte?  I’m not sure.  I do not fear bold colors but there is also nothing wrong with some neutrals.  This brand works just fine and is always welcome in my purse! 🙂
I am a lipstick junkie but hate gloss.  I never tried this brand and I appreciated an introduction.  Funny, at first glance I thought it was mascara!  But nope it’s half gloss half stick haha! And SO affordable!  This is very hydrating for my always chapped lips.  The color is gorgeous and lasts much longer than a gloss. I will definitely purchase again.
I have ALWAYS wanted to try SkinnyCow! Come on- how can you not with their marketing!?! I received chocolate and peanut butter- nomnom I was not disappointed! Yes they are proportioned to be guilt free but they are so luscious and melt it is really hard to just eat one.
I received some tye-dye print.  I was happy to see this product because I do send a lot of packages and always look for cute packing tape. Although this is not the design I would normally go for (pink zebra please!) it was funky and totally fun and different. It is good to know this product exists.
All and all, this box had an awesome mix of products at a value of almost $16. Chocolates, makeup, and fun random stuff?  Yes please!  I am so thankful Influenster has introduced me to these items and I hope I can one day earn more! 🙂